Development area: Kidbrooke

Kidbrooke Vision

A comprehensive redevelopment of the Ferrier Estate would provide the greatest opportunities for the estate and surrounding area. It would also improve transport links into the area by creating an integrated transport hub.

The findings were a result of detailed work carried out between 1999 and 2003 to assess the potential of the Ferrier Estate.


Following the study, plans were drawn that showed what the area could look like after redevelopment. These became known as the Kidbrooke Vision Masterplan.The Royal Borough of Greenwich endorsed the masterplan in 2003 as the way forward for the area. The work was then used in helping to select a development partner.

The Ferrier Estate was designated an area for redevelopment in 2004. Since then, the Royal Borough has been rehousing tenants in a phased programme.

Suspension of right to buy

In 2005, the Royal Borough suspended tenants' right to buy. The Royal Borough continues to negotiate the acquisition of leasehold and freehold properties. The Kidbrooke compulsory purchase order was confirmed in May 2010. An Initial Demolition Notice has been issued on the Ferrier Estate.