Individual Service Fund

Flexibility in choosing your home care provider

An Individual Service Fund (ISF) is a different way for you to purchase your care from a home care provider. With an ISF, you have choice and control over the support you need without having to take on the responsibility of managing the money. 

The new way of doing things gives you much greater flexibility and choice than before with the agencies that actually provide the service to you.

What will be different? 

The Royal Borough will give the money (your agreed personal budget) directly to the home care provider, on a monthly basis. We expect the agency to work directly with you to agree how you would like your care and support arranged.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has worked with home care agencies to develop this arrangement.

An ISF gives you choice and control of who the home care provider is, and maximum flexibility in how, when and where the provider supports you.

For examples of how an ISF might work for you, please follow the link to the next page.