Get help for an adult at risk

Safeguarding adults

If a person is in immediate danger call 999 and alert the police.

If you suspect a person is at risk of abuse or is being abused, report it to the Contact Assessment Team.

The switchboard is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Anyone who is concerned that abuse may be taking place or feels they are subject to abuse themselves should seek help, even if the circumstances appear trivial.

If you work with vulnerable adults and you suspect that abuse is taking place, you should also share your concerns. If you are the safeguarding adults lead for your organisation, please email your contact details to us to receive regular national and local safeguarding updates.

Find out how to identify adults at risk (Greenwich Safeguarding Adults Board website)

Download safeguarding adults reference documents (Greenwich Safeguarding Adults Board website)

Contact Adult Social Care - Safeguarding adults

To raise a safeguarding adults concern please contact the Contact Assessment Team using the following details.

020 8921 2304

020 8854 8888 (out of hours)