The Mayor of the Royal Borough of Greenwich

The role of the Mayor

The Mayor is elected by council members at an annual meeting, and the position is held for one year.

The Mayor is the first citizen of the Royal Borough and he acts as an ambassador for us at public affairs, civic and ceremonial events, both in and outside the borough.

The current Mayor is Councillor Peter Brooks.

The Deputy Mayor is Councillor Christine May.

Community activities

The Mayor is a regular participant and supporter of community events and activities.

Contact the Mayor's office to find out more about arranging for the Mayor to attend your community event.

You can also contact the Mayor's office to find out more about events that the Mayor attends.

The Mayor's duties

Chairing Full Council meetings is the Mayor's primary duty, as it is the Mayor's task to ensure that the proceedings are conducted properly and that all shades of opinion are given a hearing. During his term of office, the Mayor must be non-political.

Often, the Mayor is seen as a defender of rights, and residents will make representations to him in the hope that he will be able to assist them in their case.

And, of course, the Mayor must always be ready to take the lead in matters concerning the life of the Royal Borough. That could be anything from making a charity or disaster fund appeal, to welcoming home a victorious football team.

Contact the Mayor

Get in touch with the Mayor, either to invite him to an event in the borough or to raise a problem with him.

The Worshipful the Mayor,
Mayor's Office,
Town Hall,
Wellington Street,
London SE18 6PW

020 8921 5023

020 8921 5036