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About cemetery records

There are five cemeteries in Greenwich, and records are kept for burials that have taken place at all of them. Searching through these records can be a great way to learn more about the history of your family and you can now search the records yourself online.


Before searching, gather as much information as you can, preferably including the name of the person you wish to find out about, and details of when and where they died. It is also helpful to know which cemetery they were buried in, as each of the cemeteries has a different set of records.

Cemetery information

The following details may help you prepare for your search:

Cemeteries in Greenwich
Cemetery name Opened in
Charlton Cemetery 1855
Greenwich Cemetery 1856
Woolwich Cemetery 1884
Plumstead Cemetery 1890
Eltham Cemetery 1935
Records kept from cemeteries
Title Description
Index book List of burials in alphabetical order by year detailing the register of burial book and page number
Register of burials List of burials in chronological order, detailing the deceased's full name, age, place of death and date of death
Register of purchased graves List of grant numbers detailing the name and address of the registered grave owner and the names and dates of the burials
Register of graves (section book) List of graves within each cemetery section detailing the names and dates of each person buried in the grave and the name of the registered grave owner