Grave, burial and memorial costs

Fees and charges

All costs are for the period 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018.

Grave costs
Type of plot Residents Non-residents
Adult grave - exclusive right and erection of memorial £2,032 £8,128
Grave purchased in advance of use £2,352 £9,408
Extension of right to use the grave for ten years £352 £1,408
Front row grave - prime location £2,212 £8,848
Cremated remains plot £612 £2,448
Cremated remains plot purchased in advance of use £1,019 £4,076
Transfer of grave ownership £80 £80
Deed copies £27 £27
Appointment to select a grave £56 £56
Full details of deceased supplied by enquirer £56 £56
Burial costs
Type of plot Residents Non-residents
Single depth - Coffin £811 £3,242
Single depth - Casket £1,105 £4,420
Double depth - Coffin £1,032 £4,130
Double depth - Casket £1,302 £5,208
Triple depth - Coffin £1,327 £5,308
Triple depth - Casket £1,523 £6,092
Unpurchased grave for person one year or older £658 £2,632
New purchased grave for babies up to one month No charge £651
New purchased grave for child up to 17 years No charge £1,547
Cremated remains - one set £183 £732
Cremated remains - two sets £366 £1,467
Cremated remains - three sets £547 £2,184
Babies and children up to five years No charge Not applicable
Child from five to 17 years No charge Not applicable
Babies up to one month Not applicable £210
Child from one month to 17 years Not applicable £840
Use of chapel £82 £82
Grave top up £56 £56
Alteration to coffin size after initial booking £75 £75
Alteration or cancellation to funeral booking £75 £75

Please note that Saturday burials are charged at double the fee listed for both residents and non-residents.

Memorial costs - Removal and replacement
Description Cost
Headstone £149
Memorial 182 x 61cm (6' x 2') £188
Memorial 244 x 92cm (8' x 3') £231
Memorial costs - Garden of Remembrance
Description Cost
Plaque dedicated for five years £312
Plaque and boulder dedicated for five years £518
Renewal of dedication for a further five years £188
Memorial costs - Other memorials
Description Cost
Memorial bench with plaque dedicated for 10 years £1,246
Renewal of dedication for a further 10 years £193
New plaque on existing bench for 10 years £226
Memorial permit fees
Description Cost
Headstone only £152
Full kerb memorial £253
New kerb surround to existing headstone £152
Tablet or vase £64
Additional inscription £64
Re-moulding £64
Memorial cleaning £64
Photo plaques £64
Fixing or levelling £64
Chippings £64
Cover slabs £64
Cremation plot headstone and kerb £152
Cremation plot tablet or vase £64
Grave maintenance costs
Maintenance type One year Five years 10 years
Turfing (levelling) - one-off cost £82 Not applicable Not applicable
Attention (weeding, cutting) £68 £343 £574
Planting £148 £623 £1085

Resident fees for burials

You qualify for resident prices for burials if the deceased:

  • was a resident of Royal Greenwich at the time of death
  • was the owner of a grave and was a resident when the burial was bought
  • was a near relative (next of kin) of the owner of the grave, and the owner is a resident
  • passed away outside the borough (such as in a nursing home or in the care of a relative) but was a resident of Royal Greenwich for some time.

Proof of residency

You must provide proof of residency (for example electoral roll papers or Council Tax bills) when you book the burial.

You can also contact the following for proof of residency: