Guide to building regulations

Notice periods and completion

You will need to give notice of works at least two days before starting.

Some work is covered up as a project continues. It is not easy to expose this work for checking and so the law requires you to tell us one day before:

  • covering any foundation excavation
  • laying any backfill over a foundation
  • laying any cover to a damp-proof course
  • laying any over-site material
  • covering a drain or sewer.

You must also let us know within five days of:

  • completing the work
  • occupying a new building before the works are completed.

Proof of completion

To prove satisfactory completion, you or your builder may need to supply certain test results or certificates before we issue the completion certificate. Final payment to a builder is often made only when the job has been certified as completed.

You can give us information by phone, email or in writing. Also make sure we can contact you in case there is a problem.

Download Building Control forms and guidance