Guide to building regulations

Types of building applications

There are two main ways to give the required notice that you intend to carry out building works - a full plans or a building notice application. Generally, building notice applications are suitable for small, simple jobs.

Both routes allow a start on site in just 48 hours, or less, from notification.

Full plans application

This involves supplying detailed plans and information, which are then checked. If they satisfactorily show how the regulations will be complied with, we will issue an approval notice.

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Building notice application

This method involves completing a form setting out the proposed work and providing a block plan. This is generally most suitable for small, uncomplicated works like through lounges, chimney removals or window replacements.

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Staged approvals for large jobs

We recognise that for complex, large-scale schemes it is not always possible to submit all plans before work begins on site. In these instances, stage approvals may be the most appropriate way to proceed.


There is a charge for Building Control approvals, which you can pay by cheque, that should be sent with the application. This charge is paid in two stages under the full plans route and as one payment under the building notice route. The charge is the same in both cases.

Building control is a legal process that is open to competition. Our charges must cover the cost of providing the service without any subsidy. The new charge system introduced by legislation came into force in October 2010.

Those works which regularly occur have set charges. More complicated schemes are priced on an individual basis.

If your works are not listed on the charges sheet, please contact Building Control.

Disabled people

If the work is for the benefit of a disabled person, then the work may qualify for exemption from the payment of charges. Whether the cost of the work is exempt depends on:

  • the actual work that is done
  • how necessary it is with regard to the individual's disability and needs.

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