Guide to building regulations

Who should apply for building control approval?

The responsibility for complying with the regulations rests with the person carrying out the building work. So, if you are doing it, it rests with you. If you are employing a builder, they may take responsibility, but if it is done wrong, it may be up to you to get it put right.

If you carry out works that need approval and you don't make an application or get the work checked, you could be prosecuted. You may also need to dismantle or remove the work.

If you don't own the property, you should talk to your landlord about your proposals.

Summary of the applications process

  1. Application: Download and send us the form, there are two to choose from depending on the size and type of work.
  2. Pay the charge: The charge depends on many factors - for example the work type, floor area or use. You may not have to pay if the work is providing for a disabled person.
  3. Notification and inspection: Tell us when work will begin (at least two days notice). We will visit the building site to check the work.
  4. Completion: Get a completion certificate when work is finished.

Download Building Control forms and guidance