Financial help for carers

Benefits for people providing care

If you look after someone with an illness or disability, the pages in this section will help you work out which benefits you may be able to claim.

The person you care for may be an adult or child with disabilities, an elderly relative or friend, or someone with a long-term illness.

Carer's Allowance is the main benefit for carers, but you may also be able to claim other benefits depending on your circumstances.

If you are on a low income you may also get other benefits such as Income Support and help towards your rent and Council Tax. Even if you cannot get Council Tax Support, you may still be able to get your bill reduced - for example because you:

  • are a carer or
  • live alone or
  • share your home with another adult who cannot pay towards the Council Tax.

If you are in work

You can work and still get Carer's Allowance as long as your earnings do not exceed the earnings limit (currently £110). Even if you earn more than this, some of your earnings can be ignored if:

  • you pay for someone (but not a close relative) to look after the person you care for or
  • for a child under 16.

If you earn more than the earnings limit and get other benefits, these may sometimes continue even if your Carer's Allowance stops. If you do not already get benefits you may be missing out on extra income (for example tax credits) – get advice.

If you pay childcare costs

Changes were made in April 2012, extending help with childcare costs in Working Tax Credit to couples where:

  • one works for 16 or more hours and
  • the other receives Carer's Allowance.

Help with childcare costs

If you have an illness or disability

If you have long-term health problems or a disability, you could get a sickness or disability benefit even though you are also a carer. Get advice about this.

Free cinema admission for carers

The Cinema Exhibitors Association card gives free admission to carers accompanying a disabled person to the cinema. The disabled person must be receiving Disability Living Allowance, Attendance Allowance or Personal Independence Payment and must make the application. They can get a free ticket for any person accompanying them to the cinema (relative, friend, care worker and so on).

For more information about the carers' free cinema pass, visit the Cinema Exhibitors Association website.

Don't miss out

Read on and then contact our Welfare Rights Team for a free benefits check.

Other help and support

The Royal Borough of Greenwich provides a full range of other services for carers. If you provide substantial care for someone else, for example, you can ask for a carer's assessment. This will look at help you need in your carers role.

Jobcentre Plus provides extra support for carers who want to move into paid employment. In some cases this can include funding for respite care while the carer undertakes training - ask for a carers appointment at your local office.

Greenwich Carers Centre is a support service for all people living in the Royal Borough, or who care for someone living in the borough.

Find out more about other help for carers, including Council Tax discounts: