Benefits for the sick and disabled

Help for people with an illness or disability

If you are sick or disabled there are a number of benefits you may be able to claim.

The main benefit for people whose ability to work is limited by ill health or disability is Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

If you are in work and become ill

If you become sick or incapacitated while in work, You may be able to claim a range of benefits such as:

Other benefits may increase if you have less money coming in.

If you were getting Working Tax Credit when you became sick your payments can continue for up to 28 weeks while you remain unfit for work.

Remember to notify the Tax Credits Office when you stop work to avoid being overpaid or underpaid tax credits.

If you need help with personal care or have mobility difficulties

If you are under 65, check if you can get Personal Independence Payment. This replaced new claims for Disability Living Allowance for adults aged 16 to 64.

If you are over 65, you may be able to get Attendance Allowance if you need regular help with personal care or supervision to keep you safe.

These benefits are all non-taxable and are paid on top of any other benefits, income or savings you already have.

Other related benefits

You may also be able to get:

If you have a carer, they may also be able to claim carer's benefits.

If you have children with additional needs

If you have a child with a physical or mental illness or disability, you may be able to claim benefits and tax credits. Many families miss out because they do not know they can claim.

Find out more about benefits for children with additional needs

Help managing at home

If you are finding it hard to manage at home or look after yourself due to ill health or disability, find out about the support services available to adults.

Don't miss out

Make sure you're not missing out! Contact the Welfare Rights Service to check that you are not missing out on benefits or tax credits and read about what other benefits you may be able to claim.