Help to quit smoking

Stop Smoking Service

If you live in Royal Greenwich, you have access to some of the best stop smoking support available.

How can you help me quit?

Greenwich Stop Smoking and NHS South East London's Stop Smoking Service can help with:

  • setting your quit date
  • working out the best way to quit for you
  • getting support that suits your needs
  • resisting cravings and quitting for good.

Find out more about Greenwich Stop Smoking

Find out more about NHS South East London's Stop Smoking Service

Breaking the habit

Here are a few tips to help you break the habit of smoking:

  • don't carry cigarettes on you
  • if you have cigarettes at home, keep them hidden
  • distract yourself by doodling
  • have a soft drink
  • do a crossword
  • chew on something low in calories
  • change your routine slightly.

Contact Greenwich Stop Smoking

Text 'QUIT' to 60060.

0800 470 4831

Contact the NHS Stop Smoking Service

0800 470 4831