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TitleWindrush (Thamesmead)
DescriptionWindrush is a split site primary school, with the second site in Woolwich Road, Charlton, London SE7 8LN. There is a nursery at the Thamesmead site but not at the Charlton site.
Address2 Bentham Road,
London SE28 8AR
Telephone020 8310 0157
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Age range3 to 11 years
Nursery places52
Reception places120 (see note below)
HeadteacherMs J Marchant
Further informationThe school admits 90 children to the Charlton site in Woolwich Road (SE7) and 30 children to the Thamesmead site in Bentham Road (SE28). Admission decisions based on home to school distance are made using the main entrance to the school site nearest to the applicant’s home address. If an applicant lives an equal distance from both sites, the site from which distance is measured will be decided by random allocation. Applicants applying under the distance criterion will not be considered for places at the site furthest from their home address. As the Charlton site is being opened on a phased basis (i.e. the site will only have reception, Years 1, 2 and 3 classes in September 2015), these arrangements do not apply to children in older year groups.
Breakfast clubSt Margaret Clitherow Primary School,
1 Cole Close, Thamesmead, London SE28 8GB
Monday to Friday, 7.45am to 8.45am. £2.50 per day
Tel: 020 8310 1699
Escorts to: Windrush
After-school play club detailsWaterways,Hawksmoor Youth Club,
Bentham Road, Thamesmead, London SE28 8AS
Monday to Friday, 3.00pm to 6.00pm. £6.60 per session with extra 60p per week for fruit snack
Tel: 020 8310 2140
Escorts from: Linton Mead, Windrush and St Margaret Clitherow

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