Car parks and season passes

Season tickets and car park problem reporting

You can buy annual season tickets - also known as public car park passes - for all car parks run by the Royal Borough of Greenwich except the Abery Street car park. A full list of council-managed car parks is available in the car parks directory.

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Sales of all season tickets are subject to availability as there are limitations on how many permits we can sell.

This page contains information about annual car park passes. For information about single-use parking charges (not annual passes) of individual car parks, view the full list of Council-run car parks.

Annual season tickets (car park passes)

Public car park passes run annually from 1 October to 30 September.

To check the availability and prices of car park passes for a particular car park, please contact Parking Services at or on 020 8921 4339.

When you have confirmed the price and availability of the annual season ticket, you can buy one by completing the public car park pass application form and following the payment instructions provided in the form.

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Report a problem

To report a car park owned by the Royal Borough that needs cleaning, call the contact centre on 020 8854 8888.

If one of our car parks requires maintenance, call or email Parking Services.

Report an incident or accident

Should you witness or be involved in an accident or incident in any of our car parks, immediately report it by telephoning Parking Services.

You can also report it to the car parks manager in the office at the Calderwood Street car park entrance.

The office maintains the necessary documentation to record full details of any accident or incident.

Contact Parking Services

Fourth Floor,
The Woolwich Centre,
35 Wellington Street,
London SE18 6HQ

Please address written appeals against parking fines to:
Parking Services,
Royal Borough of Greenwich,
PO Box 22157,
London SE18 6WJ

020 8921 4339

020 8855 7622